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Oracle's Vision is here!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fans! Michele Ryan and I are doing a spectacular giveaway for Oracle's Vision. All you have to do is follow the google link and fill out the form. The grand prize is a 7" Kindle Fire. 
Blurb:Amanda Culter needs a time out. After spending much of her life on the run with no one believing her, she's committed the ultimate fuck up. She allowed her friends and unit to walk into a trap, killing three and hurting her best friend, Ben Kogan. With the orders to recharge and gain the ability to trust those around her, she heads to Wiccan Haus, hoping they can figure out what happens next. She never expected to meet a polar bear with a surly disposition or an oracle. Nor was she expecting either of them to be her mates.

A change is coming.

Niamh Laleh, Oracle and green witch, is happily mated to the man who stole her heart over seventy years ago. But when a vision of a sad, distraught Auburn haired woman fills her dreams night after night, she knows what she has to do.

Arcades Bennett knows not to question his mate's visions and when she says she must go to a place called Wiccan Haus and seek out the woman in her dreams, he agrees. What he isn't prepared for is finding a second mate.

Resisting the pull grows impossible as their friendship blossoms, but when push comes to shove, can he seal all three of them, or will Amanda slip right through their fingers?

333 BCE
Euphrates River
The trap was set. For so long, she’d struggled under the rule of Darius the III. Their rotten families did nothing but use her gift for ill. Of course, so did her parents. In the beginning, they’d used her stories as ways of gaining what they wanted. Her father yearned for the shepherd’s land to graze his paltry, malnourished sheep. Her mother desired only the finest of silks to wear, so she sought to take the tent of a merchant—by force if need be. Her parents conspired day and night, devising schemes of foolhardy nature.
Nai talked in her sleep occasionally. Her ramblings, though not meaningful to her at the time, held a wealth of information her parents could take advantage of. They wrote down everything and, after several days of planning, they went to Darius the III himself, to tell him of the treachery befallen the beauteous city of Pasargadae. Enraged by the plots to overthrow him, Darius the III pulled the shepherd from his land, and the merchant from his stall, and threw them into the putrid cells of the capital. Two days later, their heads were severed from their bodies as a reminder to everyone who challenged Darius the III rule.
When Nai learned her sleep-addled babbling had helped kill those who had the audacity to have more than her parents, she refused to help them or the king in any endeavor, instead choosing a more solitary life.
Unfortunately, being an oracle had its limits. She never knew what would come of her life, only the lives of those around her. If she happened to be have a personal connection to them, she sometimes received glimpses of her future entwined with theirs.
Five summers came and went and during that time, she learned to control her visions. Honing them to the point where she could rest without fear of spilling someone’s future.
She was fifteen when Darius the III’ men appeared at her hut, took turns raping her until they each had their fill then brought her battered body to the king. His cold, venomous words rang clear in her head. “A pity an oracle such as you would resist the finer things in life. A gilded cage is where you’ll stay until such time I see fit to release you on my prey.” Later she found out, through slaves and concubines, her parents sold her to the king.
Her enslavement had brought her parents two goats and a chicken, plus the envy of those who conspired with them….
The years passed with little to no change in her status. If she had thought to escape, all those she considered friends died horrible deaths in front of her. Since she’d refused to voluntarily help, she never saw their deaths and, in turn, shame and guilt weighed heavily on her soul, leaving behind a black stain she’d never remove.
Two more years passed. Deep sadness settled over her like a dark cloud promising flooding rains. 
“Ah, there you are,” Darius the III said, a brilliant smile spread across his lips. “It is time to fly, my beautiful bird.” He clapped his hands twice and a harem of women descended on him. “Tonight, you will greet the great Alexander, and you will destroy him.”
His smile never faltered as he spoke. “By feeding him misinformation, of course.” His gaze slid over her and revulsion slithered down her spine as he brushed his knuckles against her cheek. “I have spread many rumors of your powers and your beauty. We both know Alexander can’t refuse a willing, tantalizing woman.” Darius’ arrogance knew no bounds. “When he sees the great oracle has gone free, he will take you for his own. Then I will use his ego to crush him and those who dared to fight by Alexander’s side.”
She lifted her chin in defiance. “And if I don’t?”
He snapped his fingers. A woman appeared, carrying the infant she’d given birth to no more than three months prior. “I will kill your daughter.”
No. Though she’d been blind to the life expectancy of her child, she also couldn’t allow him to kill her. This was her one chance to free herself and her daughter. “Fine. When I have done this task, you will release my child. Send her away.”
He fisted her hair and gave her a shake. “This is not a negotiation. Go. Now. Spread your legs for the mighty Alexander the Great. If you are successful, you’ll live another day.”
Desert winds whipped around her. The sandstorm had forced Alexander’s men to take shelter behind the dunes. The day had finally come to watch those who ruthlessly used her die slow, torturous deaths. After spending years locked in a cage overlooking the city she once considered home—while being beaten daily if she didn’t reveal some tidbit of information—she found her freedom. A caged bird no more, she stretched her wings and took comfort from the man in her dreams. Alexander the Great. Alex, to those he cherished. And cherish her, he did.
The man had a fetish for boys and women. She even participated in his dalliances a time or two. He was a skillful lover, bringing her to heights untold. Then he cared for her with the utmost tenderness. She fancied herself half in love with the general. Though her kind of love came through rose-colored glasses and little girl fantasies. And, though she could not call him hers, she stood beside him, taking down those who caused her pain.
Nai relayed to him the plans Darius the III put into motion to destroy their army at Gaugamela and seize control of Macedonia. Revenge, pure and simple, had been on her mind along with saving her baby and she had the perfect plan to subvert Darius’ men.
At twilight, a lunar eclipse began. The sky darkened, masking Alexander’s men as they advanced. Perched on a sand parapet, she watched as one by one Darius’ men fell under the cover of complete darkness. By the end of the eclipse, none of Darius the III’s men remained. Their blood soaked the sand and traveled down the Tigris River.
Yes, her version of revenge was sweet and satisfying. However, she never returned to the palace to rescue her daughter. Instead, she had the babe whisked away with Alexander’s help.
The orgy that followed the battle was hedonistic. The sharing of male and female flesh, decadent. Writhing with the wave of arousal and sexual energy flowing through the ornate tent in the middle of the desert amplified all of her abilities. They ate and drank from the flesh, while fucking at leisurely paces. She thrived with Alexander. Became a master manipulator with Alexander. Though she saw his death the day she joined him, she’d not change a single minute of their existence together. The lessons she learned, the fears she vanquished, were all due in very large part to him. The last time she left his tent, three weeks before his death, he wished her well. “In this life and the next,” she whispered, then took her leave....

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Thanksgiving In Napa Scavenger Hunt

*Tromps into room* Hey all.  You by chance haven’t seen a leather clad dominatrix hauling a plastic bag of goodies run through here, have you?

“Looking for me, slave?”   *muse waves* “You’ll have to pardon, Dakota. She’s just a little pissed at me.  I don’t understand why…"

*ready to explode* Don’t understand why? Listen you thieving little witch. I need the rest of those things so I can finish my pie!  

*shrugs* “Well, maybe you should’ve of thought of that before you decided that I wasn’t important enough to make fudge for.”  

“Look! I told you I’d make you fudge, AFTER, I finished the pie I promised Alyce.”  

*pouts* “I’m your muse. You have to keep me happy.  Or you’ll write nothing but shit…”

“Now, you’re threatening me.” *crosses arms*  I should just hide all your damn toys again.  Or send you back over to Lucian’s bar.  

*pales* “Not happening. Not setting foot inside that place again.  The last time he made me do dishes!  Dishes of all things.”

*shrugs* Well, maybe if you were nicer you wouldn’t end up in these kind of messes.

“Phiffff! I’m a muse.  It’s not in my prerogative to be nice.  I’m supposed to be a whip wielding bitch to get your ass in the chair writing.”  *cracks knuckles* “And I’m good at my job.”

*groans* Don’t I know that.  Three am is not a cool time to wake me up and demand that I work on a story I haven’t touched in months.  *cuts eyes at muse* Especially when I have another story due first!

“Suck it up buttercup! And just to show how generous I am. *throws something*   

*scrambles to get object before muse changes mind*   

“Thank you, slave.”  

*turns* Oh, hell no you don’t!  Put the flogger back. It’s part of the prize basket!  

“Nope, possession in nine tenths of the law, slave.”  *tucks handle of flogger between her breasts.  “Mine now!  Unless you can catch me.”  *disappears*

You know if I didn’t need that little witch I’d shove her down the nearest manhole.  But unfortunately, I do.   *squeezes bridge of nose* So here's the deal…. if you haven’t figured it out yet...My muse has done absconded with several of the items I need to make my family’s pumpkin pie.  All because she wants fudge.  *shakes head* So we’re on a scavenger hunt to find the items.   And today. *looks at item at feet*  it looks like we got back my jar of cinnamon.   So be sure it enter it on the rafflecopter thingie below for a chance to win signed copies of all three print books in the Doms of Napa Valley series, the flogger that Livvy just took off with. (I’ll get back, promise!) and some really cool swag.   

I’ll be drawing a winner from the entries on the 19th and posting it on my author facebook page.   Now, I’m off to go wrestle away that flogger from my stubborn muse.  *scratches chin*  Did I forget anything?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Benevolent Master, will be on sale up through the 18th, for $2.99 (which is nearly half off of the original $4.99 cover price.)   So clicky here if you want to save, because on the 19th, the price goes back up.  :D

Also a big thank you to TL Reeve for allowing me to take over her blog today.  Be sure to catch me and Livvy tomorrow at Ellie Potts blog.  Maybe by then I’ll have gotten the flogger back from her.

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Cover Reveal ~ Romance Rebels Box Set!

New from Romance Rebels Publishing:

Snowy Knights

Coming Dec 13th!

Snowy Nights 3D.png

Snowy Knights: 10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic Rescue Stories

When the cold hits, only he can warm her…
This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.
WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows
KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm
SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott
SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol
snowy-knights-e-book_2000-flat-large PREORDER NOW:
 Amazon UK:
 Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:


Amy J Hawthorn Kelly’s been framed for diamond theft and nothing is more important than clearing her name and keeping her job. There’s only one problem, the deadly snowstorm tearing through Kentucky. Detective Jake Bowie comes home exhausted and prepared to sleep his vacation away. His dog, Jasper, has more important things in mind. Say like rescuing a half-frozen, damsel in distress. No stranger to puzzles, Jake senses there’s far more to Kelly’s story than she’s admitting. Can he see through the heat of their passion to figure out this sexy little mystery?


April Zyon Christmas is looking rather bleak for recent divorcee, Alaska. Spending her vacation with her family will truly test the limits of her sanity, but she’s determined to push through and get some killer slope time in the snowy mountains. Drake is looking forward to spending the holiday season hunkered down with his polar bear clan, rest and recouping from his constant training for the Olympics. When he and his clan-mates are called out on a dangerous search and rescue mission he never dreamed he’d come face to face with his fated mate. Saving Alaska from her car was only the beginning, and the pair find themselves in a dangerous cat and mouse game with someone determined to kill her. Is it Alaska’s Snowy Fate to find Drake and fall in love, only to die in the process?


Gracie Meadows Born to a life of privilege, Winter Stevens is ripped from her entire world by a secret she’s not willing to give up. In a small run down cabin in the middle of nowhere, the past blasts back into her life in the form of the deliciously enticing, Jules Brennon, and threatens to reveal the secrets she’s protecting. Jules spends his life in a solitary cabin in the woods, content with only his ax for company. When the long-vacant cabin nearby is rented out, he’s forced to endure a neighbor. Never in a million years did he expect it to be Winter. A blustery cold night forces these two together causing secrets to be spilled, and Jules to get tangled up in Winter’s Storm.


Kayleigh Malcolm Alice loves life as a geothermal engineer, searching the globe for her next adrenaline thrill. Falling down a crevice into a glacier and finding a frozen Viking of a man was an adventure she never saw coming. Erik pissed off the wrong witch and she cursed him. Every living thing he touches…freezes. His only escape was to hide away and hope the curse died with the witch. The gorgeous woman who finds him is everything he’s ever craved, but he can never have. Can Alice and Erik learn how to break the curse before it’s too late or will the ice freeze their chance for love?


Lizabeth Scott Reed Hamilton, a home restoration expert, is more comfortable in her steel-toed boots than teetering on heels at a shopping mall. Relationships she usually kills from neglect so she’s taken herself off the market. An unexpected assignment to evaluate a potential project in upstate New York has Reed leaving the Victorian she’s working on to meet with the client. A client she discovers spooning her from behind when she wakes up in his bed! Reed finds Mason charming, tempting and hot! An early snowstorm dumps an irresistible woman at Mason Tate’s door. As beautiful and enticing as he finds her, career focused Mason doesn’t do entanglements of any type. So he proposed that while snow falls outside, they make their own heat inside and then go their separate ways with only pleasant memories of their time together. No emotions, just a good time. At least that was the plan. Until that kiss.


Lori King Dr. Quinn Jameson has secured his future by submerging himself in his career, but no amount of money in the world can ease his loneliness. Despite the fact that his inner polar bear is supposed to not need a pack, he finds himself craving more out of life, more contact, more intimacy, maybe even a mate. Aubrey Celine is pregnant and on the run. This feisty tiger shifter thinks she is out of options when she wakes up in the hospital under the care of the delicious shifter. But after the horror she has gone through, can she trust another man? Even someone who seems so strong and caring? In the midst of an epic blizzard, these two strangers must rely on each other to stay alive. The sizzling heat between them could melt the ice caps, but will it be enough to melt her frozen heart and give him the warm home he desires most?


Michel Prince Kelsi Stamp is known all over the world as one of the best-selling Sci-fi authors. Living in a small town she’s able to stay hidden tucked away in her cabin in the woods. Outside of her internet searches she stays away from the world. Readers are fickle and love has turned to an unhealthy obsession in the past. As a blizzard bears down on Northern Minnesota Kelsi’s lights flicker then go out right after a large crash echoes through the wilderness. A truck holds an unconscious stranger she is being pulled to, but who is Jace Runyon and why was he driving so fast on a road no GPS even knows exists?


Nicole Morgan Lori Hammond wanted for nothing. As the only heir to her family fortune she’d learned at a young age she only need ask for whatever she desired. All the money in the world hadn’t gotten her the one thing in life that she’d wanted most, Kevin Preston. As the head of The Gilpin Search and Rescue Team, Kevin knows the dangers that a Colorado blizzard can bring. And with one looming closer to their patch of the Rocky Mountains he and his team prepare for the worst winter storm to hit their county in decades. Hearing of the blizzard, Lori concocts a scheme to get exactly what she wants. But, will her plan be the thing that brings them together? Or will the rewards not be worth the risk as their very survival hangs in the balance?


Rose Nickol Kasey Danvers is on the run. Her step-father has finally pushed her to the edge, and now her only plan is to drive until the car runs out of gas. It’s just her luck that it happens in the middle of a freak snowstorm. Fate intervenes, when Bryce Cromby comes to her rescue, warming her body and soul as he protects her from the storm. But can he protect her when her step-father comes for her again?


TL Reeve Amity Jones is in trouble. Her ex-boyfriend is stalking her and won’t let her go, no matter how many times she runs away. After his latest attempt at kidnapping her, she has to disappear, or else. Lance Wingham, Alpha of the Rosewood pack isn’t expecting to find his mate in a ditch on the side of the road. Caring for her is easy. And, when Amity's ex-boyfriend shows up looking for her, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Will Amity be able to accept the wolf lurking under Lance’s skin, or will she once again be running scared?