Thanksgiving In Napa Scavenger Hunt

*Tromps into room* Hey all.  You by chance haven’t seen a leather clad dominatrix hauling a plastic bag of goodies run through here, have you?

“Looking for me, slave?”   *muse waves* “You’ll have to pardon, Dakota. She’s just a little pissed at me.  I don’t understand why…"

*ready to explode* Don’t understand why? Listen you thieving little witch. I need the rest of those things so I can finish my pie!  

*shrugs* “Well, maybe you should’ve of thought of that before you decided that I wasn’t important enough to make fudge for.”  

“Look! I told you I’d make you fudge, AFTER, I finished the pie I promised Alyce.”  

*pouts* “I’m your muse. You have to keep me happy.  Or you’ll write nothing but shit…”

“Now, you’re threatening me.” *crosses arms*  I should just hide all your damn toys again.  Or send you back over to Lucian’s bar.  

*pales* “Not happening. Not setting foot inside that place again.  The last time he made me do dishes!  Dishes of all things.”

*shrugs* Well, maybe if you were nicer you wouldn’t end up in these kind of messes.

“Phiffff! I’m a muse.  It’s not in my prerogative to be nice.  I’m supposed to be a whip wielding bitch to get your ass in the chair writing.”  *cracks knuckles* “And I’m good at my job.”

*groans* Don’t I know that.  Three am is not a cool time to wake me up and demand that I work on a story I haven’t touched in months.  *cuts eyes at muse* Especially when I have another story due first!

“Suck it up buttercup! And just to show how generous I am. *throws something*   

*scrambles to get object before muse changes mind*   

“Thank you, slave.”  

*turns* Oh, hell no you don’t!  Put the flogger back. It’s part of the prize basket!  

“Nope, possession in nine tenths of the law, slave.”  *tucks handle of flogger between her breasts.  “Mine now!  Unless you can catch me.”  *disappears*

You know if I didn’t need that little witch I’d shove her down the nearest manhole.  But unfortunately, I do.   *squeezes bridge of nose* So here's the deal…. if you haven’t figured it out yet...My muse has done absconded with several of the items I need to make my family’s pumpkin pie.  All because she wants fudge.  *shakes head* So we’re on a scavenger hunt to find the items.   And today. *looks at item at feet*  it looks like we got back my jar of cinnamon.   So be sure it enter it on the rafflecopter thingie below for a chance to win signed copies of all three print books in the Doms of Napa Valley series, the flogger that Livvy just took off with. (I’ll get back, promise!) and some really cool swag.   

I’ll be drawing a winner from the entries on the 19th and posting it on my author facebook page.   Now, I’m off to go wrestle away that flogger from my stubborn muse.  *scratches chin*  Did I forget anything?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Benevolent Master, will be on sale up through the 18th, for $2.99 (which is nearly half off of the original $4.99 cover price.)   So clicky here if you want to save, because on the 19th, the price goes back up.  :D

Also a big thank you to TL Reeve for allowing me to take over her blog today.  Be sure to catch me and Livvy tomorrow at Ellie Potts blog.  Maybe by then I’ll have gotten the flogger back from her.

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