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Best friends make the best lovers… Deprived by Jordan Ashley

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by: Jordan Ashley

Heather Ross vowed after a decade of being controlled by her husband that she would never trust her heart with someone again. That is until her best friend moves in to help her through being a single mom. His gentle, playful nature made her remember what she always wanted in a man, waking desires she thought long buried deep in her soul. Jack Stevens never imagined that moving in with Heather every fantasy and dream he’d concocted to get him through lonely nights would come true. The day Heather confessed her desire for him Jack swore he would use every tool in his arsenal learned as a Dom to help her trust him completely even with his own lingering skeletons. Can Heather learn to trust Jack when she has been deprived of her true desires for too long? Grab your tissues and learn to trust again with passionate sensory play. Jordan Ashley


“Do you need to ask me anything?”
Did she? Heather looked up at him, heat gathering in her face, she knew she was bright red with her embarrassment and a small, soft smile played across his lips. “Do-“ she couldn’t believe the words that were about to come out of her mouth, but she needed to know. “Do you like what you see?”
His smile grew and his gaze moved from her eyes to her toenails that were painted a light blue before returning back to her eyes again. “Oh yes.”
“Why are you watching me so closely?”
“I am about do to unspeakable things to that magnificent body of yours. I’m taking in every inch of perfection before I desecrate it,” he winked at her, allowing the scene to break just a little to show his playful side once more before he nodded to the bed again. “Are you okay now?”
Her blush deepened at his words, but she nodded to his question and slowly turned to put her back to him and climb up onto her bed, the mattress cradling her welcomingly. She moved to the middle of the bed, and knelt on the bed, her knees slightly apart, and crossed her arms under her breasts, slightly self conscious but not enough to elevate the color again.
“Knees together,” he instructed, and she did so. “Butt on your heels, palms down on your thighs.”
Heather followed his instructions, and found herself actually more relaxed in that stance. He smiled at her and nodded before he pulled himself away from the wall, and moved to the foot of the bed. “This is how I want you waiting for me before each scene.”
“Yes, master,” she answered, giving him a little smile. Her former confidence in choosing those words was back, and she wondered how long it would take him to get back fully into Dom mode again. Heather watched his eyes roaming over her for almost a full minute, wondering what was going through his head before he reached up and pulled the collar of his shirt up, slipping the worn garment off his torso, leaving her breath caught in her throat when she saw the lines his muscles made under his lightly tanned skin.
She’d seen him shirtless many times before, but as with everything else, it was different. Jack didn’t stop there, however, and while he kept his gaze on her his hands moved to the fastening of his jeans while he toed his tennis shoes off. His eyes had the predatory look in them once more, and Heather swallowed roughly when his pants hit the floor.
Jack leaned forward against the foot of the bed, slowly climbing up in front of her. “You are so incredibly beautiful, my Pet.”
Heat rushed to her face and Heather knew she was blushing, but then that heat rushed through her entire body, and she wondered if her entire body was as red as her cheeks certainly were. She didn’t have any time to think about it as Jack reached for her, pulling her body against his. He leaned toward her, his face devastatingly close, but he didn’t move to kiss her, not yet. His hands moved to either side of her face, his thumbs bushing against her cheeks. She closed her eyes, taking in the feeling of his muscled body pressing against her. His lips brushed against hers once, twice, allowing her to taste the cola he’d drank during their talk. She hummed softly, chasing after his lips once he did it a third time, and then his mouth claimed hers, his lips pressing heavily to hers, sending a shiver of delight straight through her. Her pussy throbbed with the sudden desire that followed the shiver, and she wanted to forget everything about the scene they were playing out and climb atop him.
Jack stopped her by wrapping one arm around her back, and tangling the other in her hair to keep her right where she was. She whimpered softly, her hands itching to grip hold of him, but his warning of needing to ask permission first echoed in her mind. Not that she could ask permission with his mouth firmly against hers. Tentatively she reached out for him, her fingertips brushing against his sides as she leaned toward him, pressing herself tightly against his body
He responded with a deep rumbling growl, leaning into her touch and Heather gripped hold of him, her nails biting into his skin, trailing up either side of his spine as she returned the heated kiss. She had thoughts of him kissing her for the last few months, but never in her wildest dreams did she think it would be this good. His tongue brushed against her lips, and she eagerly gave herself to him, opening her mouth to allow him to devour her. Heather lost all sense of how to breathe properly, how to move, how to behave properly at all as Jack kissed the sense right out of her.
Jack continued pulling at her hair a little, the slight stings giving way to insurmountable pleasure and she whimpered every time he did so. She could feel his erection pressed between their bodies, he pulsed and twitched every time she shifted against him, and she wanted nothing more than to have him buried deep inside of her, making her numb to everything other than him.
It could have been hours that passed for all she knew when he finally, achingly pulled away from her, and slowed the kiss, the both of them breathing heavily as if they’d run a marathon. She would willingly lose herself in him for days if she had the ability to do so, and all she knew was his kiss. Her senses heightened, she was ready and willing for anything he had prepared for her.
Jack pulled away from her farther, leaving the bed to move to the dresser and grabbed one of her infinity scarves that was looped over the edge of the attached mirror. “You will be blinded, Pet. I will show you the thrill of feeling pleasure, but you will have to trust me to take care of you.”
“I do trust you,”

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