My Sexy Saturday ~ The Bodyguard and The Dom ~ Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday! Today I am sharing with you a little passage for Valentine's Day! Do you have any plans? If so, leave a comment below with your email and I will choose one lucky person to win a copy of any of my backlist. So without further ado, here is The Bodyguard and The Dom!

How he could talk coherently, she didn’t know. While they swayed together to the beat of the music, all of her brain-to-mouth functions stopped. With one touch, he’d singed all of her synapses, leaving her a pile of goo.

“I don’t think my papa would approve,” she gasped, feeling Thomas’s lips at the crook of her neck. Aggressive, thy name is Thomas.

“Do pretty little girls always do what their papa wants them to do? Or do you break the rules occasionally?” His voice became a sensual rumble as he led her farther out onto the dance floor. “I bet there’s a naughty girl buried deep under that good-girl exterior. Why don’t you let her out so we can play, and I’ll grant you your every desire?”

“My every desire?” She wrapped her arm around his neck, feeling empowered in his arms. The disguise made it easy for her to let her guard down and enjoy herself.

“Every single one of them, my pet.”

Katarina licked her lips. The apprehension which usually settled into her belly when she was about to accept a Dom’s proposal didn’t come. She relaxed even more into their little dance and grinned. “I accept, Mephistopheles. Show me what you’ve got, Master.”

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