A Wolf's Contract by TL Reeve

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday! This week is sexy shifter week! Today, I have brought you a snippet of A Wolf's Contract. Which is still in edits but will hopefully be available soon!! So enjoy the snippet and stay warm this snowy weekend.


A Contract gone wrong.

Kru Hawthorne left home years ago. Unable to watch the abuse his sister suffered at the hands of Magnum and his crones, Kru hit the road. Chased by the demons of his past, he drifts for years before making a home in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gabby Salvador, sister to Craven Salvador, President of the Vipers Motorcycle club, watched her brother take his last breath. When the devastatingly handsome Kru arrives moments later, she knows something isn't right. Sticking to the shadows, she follows him to Rapid City, South Dakota, and finds something she never expected.

One text that changes everything.

Kru and Gabby's lives collide through a text and an attempt on Gabby's life. Together they'll have to figure out who put the hit on Craven and why they want Gabby as well. But, with the full moon, Gabby will be faced with an even bigger decision. Trust the man who isn't what he claims to be and take the protection he offers, or hit the road and pray she's never found.


He gave her another moment to get used to the wolf, then called to the same magic which allowed him to show his true nature. In the next second he had her pinned to the cold ground beneath them. She gasped. He took advantage, covering her mouth with his. His wolf growled in triumph, claiming his prize as he feasted on her. His tongue plundered and took everything she’d give him. He needed his mate naked.

What he got instead was a head rattling smack across the face. “What the fuck, Kru?” she yelled, scooting away from him. “What the fuck are you?”

“I’m a shifter, wolf to be exact,” he said calmly, which surprised the hell out of him.

“How is it possible?” She put more distance between them.

“Genetics and a little magic, I guess,” he sighed, sitting on his haunches.

“So tonight you decided to spring it on me? After all the shit I’ve been through?” He scented no hate coming from her only a healthy dose of confusion and pissed off female.

“Yes,” he answered. “I marked you last night and I knew with your family staying in Hill City, I had to tell you now rather than later.

“Because I’d just accepted it?”

“I didn’t expect you to accept anything. I expected you to run when you saw me.” Even though he told her not to, he believed she would. “If you think this is easy for me, it’s not.”

“Because being a hundred and twenty-pound wolf is scary for you?” Sarcasm lit her words.

“For you more like it,” he snapped.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Her chin lifted and she crossed her arms. “I’m furious you didn’t tell me before now. How am I supposed to trust you when I don’t know all of your truths?”

“We’re not supposed to talk about it, Gabby.” If a human found out about their kind, and went back and told others, it’d spell disaster for all of them.

“So? You had time to tell me.”

“When? Before we were shot at? While I was balls deep inside you?” he growled, growing more agitated by the second.

“I don’t know.”

“I told you when I knew we were safe. When I knew you would be most receptive to my explanation.” He inched closer to her.

“I trusted you,” she whispered.

“I haven’t changed, beautiful. It’s still me. I’m the same man who loved you last night.” He closed the distance between them. “I’ll be the man who protects you. Loves you. Is your everything. I’m just different. Please don’t shut me out, baby.”

“Make me understand, Kru.” Her eyes beseeched him to do whatever it took to give her peace of mind.

“For me, once a month under the power of the full moon, I become a wolf. It’s the one time I feel free.” His fingertips glided over her fingers. When she didn’t shy away, hope bloomed in his chest. “There are others like me.”

She let out a breath. “There are?”

“You’ve met a few already and didn’t know it,” he said.

“I should have guessed. Okay, I know you’re chomping at the bit to tell me. Who have I met like you?”

“Well, my sister for starters. Then Kalum, Graham and Lily,” he stated.

“Anyone else?”

“Drew is our Alpha and the man with him is our Enforcer, Ryker.”

Her eyes widened, her mouth fell open. “No wonder,” she murmured.

“No wonder, what?” he asked.

“When the big scary guy looked at me, it was like he could see all the way to my soul. La muerte negro.

Kru barked out a laugh. “Ryker might get enjoy your nickname. Hell he might get cocky being called, Black Death.”

A smile tugged at her lips, before she wiped it away. “So, when you drugged me, you were keeping me from seeing where we were going?”


“What happens if I leave and blab about you being wolves?” she asked, then nibbled on the corner of her lip.

“We’re punished.”

“How?” she prodded.
Death more than likely.

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