My Sexy Saturday ~ Halloween Edition

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. I have a treat for you. I have started a serial with my newsletter and today I will be giving you a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Not likely. He never drank. Couldn’t in all actuality. What he craved didn’t come out of a bottle, nor could it be synthesized. What he desired above everything had been blood. Warm and fresh, it hit the spot every time.
Beckett’s gums throbbed where his fangs resided. Since the night called for it, he allowed his teeth to descend. What’s a vampire without fangs? Glancing over at the cute little blonde at the end of the bar, he took in her lithe form. Her long blonde hair hung in loose curls, framing her heart shaped face. Sparkling grey eyes, glittered with a hint of excitement in the low light.

Full, glossy pink lips, tugged upward in a flirty smile. Then, she laughed. The light tinkling sound, took his breath away. “Hey Paul,” he hollered, before signaling the bartender.

“You ready to order?”

“Kind of,” he stated. “What’s the little blonde drinking?”

Paul smirked. “She’s a tequila kind of girl.”

“Well, I’ll be damned. Send her a shot from me.”

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