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Interview with an Angel

Angel Rivas
Supermodel and Principle Designer at Angel Fashions

Q: Hello Ms. Rivas, can you tell us what it’s like to be a supermodel?

A:  I’d love to, and thanks for having me.  I specifically model plus size fashion.  I’ve been a model for the last nine years and it was only in the last five or six that the industry seemed to really take off.  I think it’s very important to represent the real body types of today’s woman.  During my high school days, I, like a lot of other girls, was very self-conscious about my body.  Recently I’ve scaled back my modeling career to focus on my new fashion house and the love of my life, Mike. 

 Q:  Fashion house and a relationship?  How do you manage? 

A: **laughs** It’s a juggling act to be sure but I totally love what I do and it’s very much a family business.  My brother and mother work in the business and there’s no way I can do it without them.  My relationship… well my guy is a very private man and tries to stay out of the spotlight. He’s my rock and when I get stressed he always knows what to do to make it all go away.    I love going home at night and just taking a deep breath with him.

 Q:  Tell us more about your mysterious man.  How did you meet?  Is he in the fashion industry, too? 

A:  Mike? Fashion?  Not exactly, camo and jeans are more his speed.  We met in high school and let’s just say, we didn’t leave high school as friends.  Last year, we ended up paired together on a blind date at a haunted mansion (man was that one crazy night!). You could say we worked out differences and managed to make a go of a relationship.  Like I said, he’s kind of on the shy side when it comes to my notoriety so I respect his privacy. 

Q:  So tell us about that first date, you said a haunted mansion?

A:  It was actually an awful, scary night.  I don’t really talk about this a lot, but at one point, I had attracted a stalker.  And on our first date, my stalker decided to follow me to the Black Swan Inn where I was meeting Mike.  When I was walking out to my car, my stalker decided to attack.  Thank goodness Mike was watching out for me and saw what happened.  **long pause and clears throat** Mike saved my life that night.  There were some weird things that happened when we were at that place and I don’t know how to explain some of the things that happened.  It was strange. 

That’s all Angel had time for with us she was off to do a shoot of her new fall line which can be found at some of you favorite plus sized retailers.  If you want to read more about that first date between her and her shy guy, pick up a copy of Saving Me by Bella Juarez. 

Michael Brannan has had enough of one night stands that go nowhere and leave him empty. After watching his heroes, Tom and Aaron, married and happy, he longs to learn the secret to their content, full lives. He yearns for a girl he left behind and who’s now out of his reach.
Angel Rivas has attained superstardom as a plus-sized model. But Angel’s success comes with a price—an unknown stalker who seems to have eyes into her most private moments is terrorizing her.
When Michael’s bosses set him up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand, he finds his unattainable woman so near, yet so far. Can she forgive him for his treachery all those years ago? Can Michael protect Angel from things that go bump in the night? This last entry into the RED HORSE Trilogy is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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