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UNCHAINED HEARTS , Baxter Family Saga 1 – http://mybook.to/UnchainedHearts

No one lives as a Baxter. They survive.

A note from her dead mother, Virgilia Avery, summoning her to a special meeting was all Kyle Avery needed to throw her into a tailspin. As the CEO of Mama Avery Foods, the company her mother founded, Kyle wasn’t prepared to come face-to-face with Newton “Cass” Baxter, elusive mogul and CEO of Baxter Chemicals. When she learns of the nearly forty-year history her mother shared with Cass as well as the obstacles they had to endure, she struggles to absorb it all. But just as she was starting to understand, Kyle is forced to confront the man who loved and left her all those years ago, Brandon Hall, VP of Baxter Chemicals and adopted son of Cass Baxter. Once united in love then separated in tragedy, finding their way back to each other means reawakening the danger that ripped them apart in the first place and that could cost someone's life…

Virgilia woke up to a grumbling noise coming from her stomach. Not long after, she heard another one coming from behind her. She fumbled in the dark for the clock on the side table. It was almost eight in the evening. Her body was spent, but energized. She smiled down at her sleeping Cass. She gave him a gentle kiss and walked to her bedroom. Donning an oversized shirt, she went to the kitchen. After the lovemaking session they’d had, she craved something to feed body and soul. 

She got out some bacon, eggs, flour, milk, seasoning spices and proceeded to prepare a feast. Virgilia loved to cook and rarely went out. She’d watched her mother as a child and how she would experiment with recipes she found in magazines until she got them just right.

Her father had abruptly moved out a year ago, figuring he’d done his duty and needed to live his own life. The house had always belonged to her mother and when she turned eighteen, it legally became hers, along with a small inheritance, which she’d barely touched. Her mother had vision and knew that owning a house meant a lot more than a piece of paper. It meant she had something to pass along. She scrimped, saved, did without and paid the house off quicker than anticipated, much to the bank’s shock. She never liked being beholden and taught her little girl that same lesson. 
She heard Cass stir and call for her. "I'm in the kitchen," Virgilia yelled.

He walked into the kitchen gorgeously stark naked and she giggled. Her Cass had the body of a god and she looked forward to worshiping it as often as he wanted her. The thought of what they had together possibly being finite was a bit too real for her. She turned away quickly and attended to the stove. As if reading her uncertainty, he came up behind her and gently lifted her shirt, caressing her bare stomach.

"Something smells good," he mumbled, pressing himself against her back. He had one hand between her legs, playing with her thick hair and labia lips, and the other caressing her stomach. 

"After what you did to me, I got hungry."

Cass laughed. "Oh, really? And what did I do to you?"

"You made me feel—" She stopped. What she was about to say would change everything and she became unsure.

"Don't," he said. "Don't hide from me, Lila. I want to know. Please."

"Wanted," she said in a small voice, feeling tears burn at the back of her eyes.

"You are. So very wanted and needed by me."

Virgilia could feel his dick press against her bottom and she smiled and moaned.
She turned off the stove, turned in his arms and gave him a long, deep kiss.

"I think we’d better eat something and get our strength back," Cass growled.

"We're definitely going to need it," Virgilia agreed.

Portrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga 2 – http://mybook.to/PortraitofGray

Continuing the Baxter Family Saga, Portrait of Gray is the story of young Grayson Baxter, first born of Julian and Joan. He’s always been the prodigal of the Baxter clan. Cared for and coddled by his mother Joan not because of love, but because of the secret in his eyes. Grayson’s approach to life becomes more self-destructive. As his younger brother Cass returns home, enters a new phase in his life as future head of Baxter Chemicals, Grayson's drug use worsens. When he attempts to break away from the family that hates him, something goes terribly wrong, forcing him to put is life back together and start over. Just as he begins the journey towards redemption, he falls in love for the first time. But family secrets, the disappearance of Cass, and tragedy threaten to tear him and his life apart as he struggles to navigate the minefield that is the Baxter family legacy. Through life's twists and turns Grayson finds his way from lost to found and rediscovers the love he never thought he’d find.


“Close your eyes,” she ordered.


“Just do it.”

Grayson complied. He heard a rustling sound, light footsteps, and then she said, “Open your mouth.” He tried to partially open one eye and she barked, “No peeking.”
When he did, she gently placed something round. He closed his mouth and when he broke the chocolate shell, molten lava of milk chocolate coated his tongue.

“Oh my God,” he moaned, chewing. “What is this?”

“My cousin came back from Switzerland and brought these truffle balls. She snuck them in a stuffed animal with a note. I tasted one and I couldn’t stop. Good thing she sent me two bags.”
Chocolate was on the list of forbidden foods for many of the residents. It wasn’t that they could never eat it, but at a time when their bodies were so new to the healing process, milk chocolate could trigger a blood sugar spike, according to Damian.

Looking at Bindi, Grayson narrowed his eyes. “How many have you had?”

“Three or four,” she admitted coyly. He kept staring at her. “Maybe seven or eight.”
He made a quick dash and grabbed the bear, holding it high. “I think I should store these with me for safe keeping.”

“Like hell you will,” she said, jumping to try and get the bear from him. Why did he have to be so damn tall and why wasn’t her five-foot-eight height enough? She stopped momentarily, breathing heavily and growling at the satisfied look on his face. She had to wipe it off and that was when she came up with a different tactic. Narrowing her eyes, she poked him in the ribs. That produced the reaction she needed as he gasped and lowered his arms. She did it again and Grayson felt his knees weaken. It was a good thing the bed was right behind him. He had no idea he was even ticklish and unfortunately had no way to fight back against the assault.

Bindi grinned evilly, enjoying the torture she was inflicting. He was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe and if he was ever going to survive this he had to stop her. He put his arms around her and held her close to him. She squealed and laughed, pleading for him to let her go and give her the bear. She got an arm free and reached for it, her breasts brushing against his chest. Their laughter was dying down. Her hot breath moistened his lips. He looked into her eyes and saw them burning bright. He’d never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.

STORY OF US, Baxter Family Saga 3 – http://mybook.to/StoryofUs
Story of Us is the final installment of the Baxter Family Saga series.

Sadie MacManus dreams of having her own fashion house, much like up-and-coming French designer Dior. An unwanted and invisible orphan during WWII, her self-reliance and love for fashion are the only things she can count on. But Paris takes money. Thanks to a few little white lies, she trains and becomes a top notch secretary, good enough to grace the offices of Capitol Hill. With that opportunity, she earns by day so that she can keep her dream alive at night. Paris is getting closer…as long as she sticks to the plan.

Congressman-at-large Edward Baxter, nicknamed the Whirlwind of Washington uses his cleverness and smarts to get what he wants from the Hill. If he keeps it up, he may well be in line for one of the top spots one day; that is as long as the secrets of his life stay hidden. He's a dogged politician, a man focused on doing his best for the people of the country but he longs for something more to care about.

When Sadie and Edward first meet, it isn't exactly love at first sight. She is young, serious, and focused while he was always on the move wheeling and dealing. But through a series of events and encouragement from an unlikely source, they find their way into each other's arms and hearts.
They are at their happiest when an unexpected enemy threatens the career and life Edward had so carefully crafted. Decisions are made and lives are forced to change, including that of Edward's only son, Julian, who must do the unthinkable to save his family and the Baxter Chemicals legacy.
This is the story of how one family was brought to its knees by a well-placed lie that’s haunted them for three generations and how one belated act of love finally heals their heartbreak.


When Edward got home, he sat in the parked car and rubbed his face. An affair? This was more than that. In the past four days he had felt more love, more passion, more belonging with her than he had with anyone else, even his own wife. He couldn't walk away from that, from her as easily. It would take an act of God or the Devil to make him give this up. What was he going to do?

It was still early. The morning sun was just about to bathe the streets. Pursing his lips, he got out and grabbed his bags. Opening the door with less vigor than he normally did, he tossed the car keys in the basket on the side table. He went upstairs to his master bedroom. Stripping, he climbed into the shower and let the water sluice over him. If someone had told him that he would feel the way he did for a girl who was young enough to be his daughter after just a few days, he would have told them off.

While he bathed, he wrapped his brain around the problem. He needed to be with her. They had to find a safe way. But how?

As he came out of his bathroom, rubbing his hair dry, he found Edith sitting on his chair. At this point, he didn't bother covering his nakedness. He had little to hide.

"That must have been one helluva weekend. You've been in there for a good twenty minutes."

He tossed the towel in the basket and looked at his wife.

"I need to see her again. I need to be with her, Edi"

Edi smiled as she watched him get dressed. In her own way, she loved Edward and looked at him. Despite his forty-three years, he looked as youthful as when they married. "Maybe I can help."
As he put on his briefs and pants, he looked at his wife. If there was anyone who knew how to do this, it would be her. He smiled as he put on a shirt. He knew nothing about his wife's friends or networks but if it helped him to be with the woman he was beginning to love, and yes, it was love he was sure, he didn't care.

"Did you hear the news about Meeks?"

"Yeah. It looks like you are now the head of the committee."

Edward chuckled grouchily. "Is that all you and Sonny see? I see a wife who lost half her family in one fell swoop. A kid who'll never grow up to be an annoying teenager. A man who may have been a pain in my ass but was a good man. Gone."

Edith got up from the chair. "I see that too but this is Washington. The loss of one is the gain of another. That's the equation of politics, Ned. And you. You're so damn good that you need a couple of dyed-in-the-wool jaded  bastards like me and Sonny to see the reality. That's the side of the coin you need our help to see." Edward was exasperated. Not because he hated her cynical views and how that secret side of Washington fit her like a glove but because she was right. He needed her more to see under the rocks and to interpret the tea leaves of every auspicious event even if he thought it was in poor taste. Turning on her heel, she walked to his door. She turned to look at him with a crooked smile. "So let's go downstairs, grab some pancakes and work out your plan to cheat on me with your beautiful young secretary. If that's not a cliché, I don't know what is."

Eyubea Girls, Growing Wild 1 – http://mybook.to/EyubeaGirls

Graham Tate-Fuller needs a wife. Not just any wife. One who is young enough to take on his education mission to the African continent and not ask too many questions about his past. Lisbette Caldwell is just seventeen, a young woman who isn’t ready to give up her tomboy ways. She dreams of playing football and becoming a teacher just like her father. Through a series of circumstances beyond her control, Lisbette marries Graham and embarks on an adventure in Eyubea, a small independent township in southern Africa, which managed to escape the colonial rule that overtook many other African nations.

There Lisbette settles into her new life as an assistant teacher to a small group of young girls who will have no choice but to become wives and mothers. It’s a simple enough task that will turn into a fight for their lives as Graham's past catches up to them and Lisbette faces the dark side of marriage in a land not her own.

Set in the early 1900's, Lisbette is forced to take a stand for herself and her Eyubea Girls against stacked odds, even if it means losing the life she's come to love. With the help of new friends and a will to carve out her own place in the world, she searches for a way to live life on her own terms in a place she will come to call home.


With trembling hands, he closed the door, gripping the door knob hard until Patrick felt his knuckles would burst through the skin. His mouth was dry and there were jolts prickling the skin all around his neck and shoulders, which were tight. After watching them leave and finding enough strength to breathe through the trembling, Patrick turned his narrowed gaze to the top of the stairs. With a second wind fueled by adrenaline and fists curled into balls, his legs practically launched him up the stairs two steps at a time.
Before he knew it, he was in front of their door. He thrust door against the back wall and there it stayed. "Wake up!" he bellowed. When Vivian didn't stir, he strode to the bed and shook her awake a couple of times.
She wailed, fighting against hands that threatened what little peace she had. It took her a moment but she realized where she was and whose hands they were.
"What is it, Patrick?” her voice was thick as she licked her lips. “I'm trying to get some sleep."
"Get up," his voice was low and dangerous. Vivian gingerly raised herself from the bed and looked at her husband. Her blurred vision eventually focused enough for her to see darkness in Patrick's face. "Just when I thought you couldn't do anything to make me hate you, just when I thought I could find a way to…"
"What are you on about?" she muttered flatly.
"This," He held up the crumpled piece of paper between his curled fingers and for a moment Vivian stuttered, squinting and blinking. Her face changed from confusion to recognition as she looked at Patrick blankly. "You placed our daughter up as collateral in one of your games. You practically sold her into slavery to a pair of blokes who would do whatever to her…"
Despite the shame she had the good sense to feel, Vivian was indignant. "She's practically a woman. It's time that she knew what the world was like." Vivian pressed the back of her hand against her mouth and grimaced.
Patrick's blood was like lava and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Letting out a wrathful growl, he curled his fingers into a white knuckled fist and raised it to her. He stopped suddenly seeing his wife shake with fright as she cowered behind her hands, murmuring unintelligibly. His chest heaved as he gathered his senses and slowly lowered his hand. What he was about to do, what he did, was not like him. Vivian had successfully drawn him into her degenerative madness that caused her own father to beat her mother into a bloody pulp day after day. He had vowed to love and cherish her all the days of his life in spite of her drunkenness, in spite of her gambling, in spite of everything that she had done to make him stop. He fought every test she administered until now. All it took was that one moment when he had raised his hands to his own wife for him to realize that he had already lost the fight. He didn't know when. He just knew that he was done.

TOBEY FINE, Sacked & Tackled 1 – http://mybook.to/TobeyFine

Tobey Fine, the ‘Blasian Sensation’ is at the top of his game as the face of the Miami Medusas, a Steinger Football League team. When he's introduced to his teammate's best friend, the Blasian Sensation comes face-to-face with his reckoning.

Niveah Wallace is the founder of Carmicon Technologies, a software development company contracted to do a pilot game app featuring the Miami Medusas and team rivals, the Atlanta Mercury. If this project goes well, it will put CarmTech on the map.

Still smarting from Tobey’s rejection years ago, Niveah is presented with her chance to get back at him—but forgets that revenge can be a double-edged sword.

Despite their initial fallout, Tobey and Niveah grow close in a way neither expected. But inside the SFL there’s trouble brewing as a piece of Tobey’s past threatens to upend his present and jeopardize his future. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his love no matter who he has to fight to do it.


What happened next, she would look back on as the low blow that was her final straw. Just a little before lunchtime the following day, the most delicious tangy sweet smell hit her hard. She came out and saw a man in a puff chef’s hat in front of two circular hot plates. He ladled some white liquid onto one of the plates and carefully spread it out with a flat edge.
Crap! Crêpes.
She loved crêpes.
Tobey Fine had decided to play dirty and he was not going to get away with it.
She grabbed her phone and called him.
Tobey was just finishing up his set when he heard his phone dance on the bench.
CarmTech. Niveah. Allowing himself to enjoy what he thought was a small victory, he smiled and let it ring for another second before answering.
“Three days,” he spouted.
Taken aback by something other than a ‘hello,’ Niveah responded, “What?”
“It took you three days to call me back. Flowers then lunch from your favorite supermarket deli. You are not easy.”
“My favorite—how the hell did you—” Blake Allan Berrios was a dead man. “I’m going to kill him until he dies.”
“Now that’s not nice.” Tobey was enjoying the frustration he was hearing on the other end of the line.
“What do you want, Tobey?”
“A do-over,” he replied.
“What is this, middle school? You can’t undo that. It doesn’t work that way.”
“Okay, then I want to make it up to you. Properly.”
“Why?” Niveah’s voice was more tender than she meant it to be. A part of her had dreamed that he would say those words but when the moment had come, she didn’t trust it or the man saying it. Seven years was a long time and she wasn’t about to make it easy for him to see how much she wanted this. “Why do you want to make it up to me? It’s over and done. You made it clear and I got the message. So why this?”
Tobey sighed. He heard her tough words and it made him proud for some reason. But underneath all of that, something in her voice was challenging him to prove himself, his intentions. He decided he was up to the challenge. “Because while it took you three days to call me back, you could have just said nothing at all. That means I have a chance to say I’m sorry for what I did and that you’d actually forgive me for being a jerk that night.”
Niveah was prepared for some tired story about how fine she looked now compared to then. She was ready for all of that drivel but not for something so...sincere. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do but maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t as bad as she thought after all.
“All right.” She relented before she had a chance to change her mind.
She could practically hear Tobey grinning when he spoke, “Good. Be ready tonight at six. I’ll pick you up.”

“Just tell me where and—”
“I. Will. Pick. You. Up,” he ground out the words to make sure his point was clear.
“Fine,” Niveah mumbled. “Wait, how did you know I was going to even say yes or call today?”
“I didn’t. But since the crêpe chef is going to be in your office for a week, I thought my odds were good.”
“A week?” she screeched.
“Yep. One whole week. In your office. Every lunch.”
That was when Niveah smelled the unmistakable warm sweetness of chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberries. The chef was making one of her favorites.
God help her waistline.

Devereaux Cox, Sacked & Tackled 2, August  2015

As the 6’5” juggernaut of the Atlanta Mercury, Christopher Devereaux Cox knows how to make his impact felt on the field. Off the field, he’s the devoted son of a prominent family with ties to presidential history as well as one of Atlanta’s most eligible bachelors. He is a credit to his family, his team and his name. Nothing could be more perfect.

Within the SFL, a problem threatens to spread through the organization. Cast as an unwitting scapegoat is Rebekka Stallman, a physiotherapist for the league and the only woman Devereaux ever loved. Seeing each other again after all those years ago when her life took a devastating turn was unexpected and Rebekka wasn’t about to miss the chance to unleash her fury on her former boyfriend, who turned his back on her when she needed him. 
But things aren’t what they seemed then or now.

Secrets and lies will be exposed as Rebekka forces Devereaux to question everything and everyone he ever trusted, including himself. As the dust settles and some facts about the league’s doping scandal come to light, Devereaux must to decide whether the life he yearns for with the woman he still loves is worth the price of holding on to his family.


“I didn't do it,” she screamed. “I would never do anything like that.”
The man’s voice just as loud but harsher replied, “You were the only one who handled both of them. And one of the other physios told me specifically that you gave him the stuff with a wink and a nod.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean? A wink and a nod.”
“I don't know but until this investigation is done, you're suspended without pay.”
“You can’t do that. I’m entitled to plead my case.”
The man’s voice was low, mostly inaudible to outsiders, but it was enough to draw out a mighty curse from the woman.
Devereaux slowly walked past the door. Suddenly it opened and a woman bumped into him and seemed to bounce back. Devereaux actually felt the impact of her which caused him to wobble slightly, which was a feat unto itself.
“Sorry,” he apologized, partly for the eavesdropping. “I didn’t—Rebekka?”
When she heard her name, she tilted her head slightly to look at him and he saw the color drain from her face.
“It really was you,” he muttered and he saw her face move from shock to annoyance.
“And this day just keeps getting better, doesn't it?” She chuckled mirthlessly as she put her hands on her hip and looked at the ground.
“You're seriously going to ask me how I'm doing right now, Chris?” Her voice crescendoed as she spoke, attracting stares from some of his team mates who were exiting the locker room. “I've just been suspended, probably fired or worse, for something I didn't do or even have a clue how to do or whatever. Some asshat claims I gave him some stuff with a wink and nod.  Then I bump into you. So this day is just not...it's going to shit really. Yeah. Total crap.”
She harshly pulled the rubber band that was holding her hair up and shook it out. It was longer than he remembered. Then she stepped past him and briskly walk away.
Stopping midstride, Rebekka turned on her heel and declared, “Give your mother my best.” The sarcasm in her voice was biting. “Oh,” she exclaimed putting her finger to her temple as if she were trying to remember something. “Wait a minute. She probably wouldn't want to hear my name after she sandbagged me back at Kenton, would she? So, never mind, Chris. Been fun.”
Devereaux visibly flinched at the bitterness he heard in her voice. He watched the woman he once loved stalk away and shook his head. For the first time in his life he felt as if he had been run over by a tank.
And he didn't like the feeling one damn bit.