Takeover Wednesdays starting 7-15-15

A friend and I have come up with a pretty cool idea and I thought I would share it here with you guys. Here's the deets. :)

Are you the type who likes to hijack other authors’ blogs? If so listen up. I’ve decided to open up a weekly Wednesday slot on my blog (TL Reeve's Place) called Takeover Wednesday. Which means I’m looking for other authors to come by and post. (genre doesn’t matter – as long as it has elements of romance in it.)

However, I don’t want my little feature to turn into a ‘drive-by promo’. So it’s fine to feature your newest release. I’m all for promoting other author’s works. BUT I’m asking that if you do take me up on my offer that you also offer something of substance for my readers.

And what is that you ask? Well, it could be something as simple as telling the readers what you listened to while writing your book, a top ten list of places your hero wants to take his lady, or a recipe inspired by your book. (Or if you make Pinterest albums for each of your books as visual aides and fun trinkets for readers, which I personally enjoy doing.)

The sky is truly the limit ( I don’t mind hot sexy excerpts *grins*) but readers don’t want straight promo (buy my book). If you think this interests you, please feel free to either PM or email me at authortlreeve at hotmail dot com with Takeover Wednesday in the subject line. I will be starting this feature next week on July 15th. It will be a first come, first serve.