Takeover Wednesday ~ A Delicate Balance by Dakota Trace

A Delicate Balancing Act

 “Please, Mistress!”  

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Those two words are rather evocative, attention grabbing and can be full of wide range of emotions.  Are they a plea to stop? Is her submissive at the end of his or her tether?  Or are they a cry for more – to be pushed harder, sent higher?  

Well, without context, you the reader, will never know.  Which is where I, the author comes in.  It’s my job to flesh out those words, to add to them, to give enough details that it creates a great emotional impact.  To create a balance between the role reversal that is believable – one that will make you hold your breath with anticipation but still stay true to my characters. 

This can be a delicate balancing act at the best of times.  Like how far can I go before I turn off the reader and he or she throws down the book?   Can I let coarse language in? How much humiliation can the hero take before the heroine seems to be nothing more than a power hungry bitch who doesn’t deserve his submission?    And can I stay true to their internal motivations? 

These are all questions that run through my head as I’m creating a scene between a Domme and her sub.  In the snippet below, one which I have taken out of Her Naughty Boy, I had a particularly hard time balancing Kyle’s need….

Her heart began to hammer. “Is that what you want, Kyle? To resist the inevitable until you have no other choice but to submit?” The idea he wanted forced seduction was tempting. She’d tried it once with another sub and his Mistress. It was edgier than what most traditional subs liked, but for the very select few it was hot. She still grew damp remembering how it felt to sit on the man’s face while his Mistress tormented his sex until he did as she asked.
“Yeah. You wanted to know what makes me ache at night? The idea I’ll never know the freedom that man knew. That I’ll never have a woman who cares enough to push me until all I can do is breathe for her.”

Straight from his own mouth, Kyle has darker needs than most find acceptable. He wants to be pushed until the only thing he can do is breathe.  He wants a release so total he can shed his good guy image and responsibilities and just be. 

Of course, for this to happen, he’s going to have a strong Mistress who not only cares for him, but can read both his non-verbal and verbal cues.  Lucky for him, Lily has both the internal strength and years of both friendship with her sub and lifestyle experience to provide what he needs.   In the end, after many revisions, and much hair pulling, I think I managed to create a scene that portrayed exactly that.  I don’t know maybe you can be a better judge.  I’ve include a snippet of end of their first scene.  Do you think she gave him what he wanted?

He panted, his chest heaving like bellows, every nerve taut. But there was no way he’d call a stop now. She’d pushed him closer to nirvana than he’d ever been. “Yes…Mistress.”
She nodded. “Good.” Her tongue darted out. “I need to feel you moving inside me.” She began to ride him again, this time her fingers tugging at the nipple clamps.
 Cursing, panting and groaning, he fought hard to control himself as she moved faster and faster on him, until he thought his cock was going to fall off. “Please, Mistress…please. Let me come.”
He was totally unprepared for the insidious plug to come to life again inside of him. He shouted, his butt clenching hard. “Son of….it’s not fair…you teasing little bitch…” Obscenities began to pour from him, as his cock swelled even more inside of her. His dick felt like an iron pike and his balls like tight little drums. He’d burst at the slightest touch…cock rings or not.
“Naughty little boy,” she scolded, her checks flushed with exertion and desire. “I’ll teach you to mouth off to me.” She rode him faster, her fingers finding the clamps on his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut with each separate tug as her motion pushed him higher until he was certain he couldn’t hang on.
“Fuck!” he hissed when she tugged one of them off. Pain washed over him as the trapped nipple was freed and sensation returned.
“Hell yeah…fuck!” she panted, her other hand fumbling between their bodies. He stiffened as she undid the quick release catch on the cock ring. “Going to come all over you.” She caught his gaze. “You’ll wait until your Mistress comes, or I’ll wear your ass out!” She rocked faster on him, meeting his upward thrusts as she fumbled with the remote.
 He tugged hard on the cuffs, uncaring of the pain in his wrists as the vibration intensified. Suddenly his Mistress came hard around him. The sudden flood of wetness against his groin surprised him, but he didn’t have time to luxuriate in the idea he’d made his Mistress squirt. His body locked up as the brutally intense, over-powering orgasm broad-sided him. He screamed, shaking as he unloaded inside of her – filling her clenching sheath with the first spurts of his release. The pleasure turned him inside out as she continued to ride him, her nails digging into his chest. The sustained pain only pushed him higher. He wanted to catch his breath, but it wouldn’t stop. The euphoria kept building until he began to fight in earnest – overwhelmed by the intensity.
“No more…oh…God…no…I can’t…” He twisted from side to side in an effort to escape. He fought his body, the cuffs, and even her.
“Quit fighting me, Kyle. Let it take you.” Her plea was raspy. “I promise I’ll catch you.” Her words of reassurance only pushed him higher, until he was crying, the release too much for him. His control abandoned him, and he gave over to her. His body shook through a release so total, it was as if he’d shed years of denial, problems and stress through his dick. Through it all she whispered to him, praised him, cuddled and stroked him, until in the end all he could do was breathe — for her.


Best friends since early childhood, Lily and Kyle do everything together but have sex…
From the school room to their morning radio show at KKRC Kyle Austin has always had Lily's back, which is why her refusal to see him as anything other than a friend irks him. 

After overhearing a conversation revealing her true dominant nature, he sees an opportunity to have what he’s always wanted: Lily.  With Christmas around the corner, he's not above shedding his nice guy image to show her how just naughty he can be.  

Desperate to exorcise her lust before their families annual New Year get together, Lily heads to her club…

Lily Banner thinks she holds a dark secret from Kyle, which is why his presence at the Velvet Fist is such a surprise. She’s wanted him forever, but to have him meant corrupting her best friend in ways he’d never imagined or so she thought.  Because late at night, when the need gets to her, she dons her leather and becomes Mistress Banner – a domme who will demand more than just sex from him.  But now that he’s in her world…will she get what she never thought she could have for Christmas?


Dakota is a simple Midwest girl, who has found her passion in storytelling at a young age. Her father always said she made up the craziest stories.  Most remained unwritten though as writing wasn’t Dakota’s strong suit. That all changed in junior high when she took her first typing class. Problem solved for the dyslexic Dakota. There was no stopping her after that. She wrote her first novel her freshman year about a girl who could speak to animals on an old electric IBM typewriter her dad found at a garage sale. Now writing in several different genres, she is a published author with multiple books under her belt.  When she isn’t writing, she’s the crazy mom of three teenagers and one slightly neurotic pup. 


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