Scavenger Hunt

The Blue Book of Grown-up fairytales
Scavenger Hunt
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Answer in pictures, to the net roam about

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Blue Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Here are your clues. Good luck and happy hunting!!

1) On her feet through breakfast and lunch,

To this woman, comfy shoes, they mean so much

 2) TVs Martin left for the big screen,

As a full-figured diva, his character got mean

3) In this Big Easy home of saints,

Katrina blew through but the jazz still plays

4) The man in charge, he calls every shot

Don’t cross Capone, under his collar gets hot

5) All built together, buildings to store,

Forklifts are seen here, and big roll up doors

6) A jacket and slacks, a nice vest too,

For work with a tie, for power it’s blue

7) Collin Farrell did his training for this bad-ass group,

Then Will from the Good Wife and Hawkeye together flew the coup

8) New York’s have gold shields, they gather the clues,

Fit them together, not your average gum shoe

9) The Lone Star State’s romantic dance

For sweethearts to music, love’s first chance

10) They fit on chains to move tumblers swift,

The one to your heart is love’s most romantic gift