My Sexy Saturday : Teacher's Pet

My sexy man for this week's Sexy Saturday is Carson. A professor at USC, he is also a porn star by night. At forty-two, he knows his career is in its twilight, but he has one more movie to shoot. Problem is, his co-star is a student and she's half his age. What he doesn't expect is the sparks to fly once he decides to make the film.

“Carson, I…” Whatever she’d been about to say, he cut her off. With a primal growl, he claimed her lips. Macy’s eyes flew open. Was he really kissing her? His tongue peeked out and swiped against the seam of her lips. Holy cow, he is kissing me. A soft moan passed her lips, and he took advantage.

His tongue delved into her mouth, tangling with her own. He tasted like coffee, spice, and what she suspected a man to taste like. Her mind shut down as he sipped at her lips, nibbling and sucking on her bottom lip. Macy took a shuddering breath, and Carson pulled back slightly. His fingers threaded through her hair, and his grip tightened. Long, agonizing moments later, his gaze fixed on hers.

“Every time a man kisses you, it should be hot. It should be consuming and claiming. If it isn’t, the guy either doesn’t know how to kiss, or it’s not the right guy. Remember that, Macy.”


Macy, orphan and college student, is trying to make it on her own. When her work study job falls through, she doesn't know what she's going to do to stay enrolled. Forced to either find work or give up, her best friend has a confession, and it might just get Macy out of a bind.

Carson is given the role of his career, yet he almost says no. As a Physics professor and actor, he faces an ethical question when he meets his new co-star. However, with one sweet sigh from Macy, he's done for.

Now, if they can just keep things professional.



  1. I remember this story. The chemistry between them is very hot. Yum!


  2. ...And Carson is just the RIGHT guy! Yum.

  3. I heart Carson so much. I also love Dirk. But I think Carson fit the bill better today! :)


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