My sexy Saturday Blog Hop ~ All or Nothing

Hi all! So this my first Saturday participating in the My Sex Saturday Blog Hop. Since I have been working my way through the A-Z challenge, I thought I would take today to show you a little something different in All or Nothing. This scene takes place after a meeting about the contract. Joaquin has order lunch and this is the first real test Quin must face while trying to find the hidden submissive she's buried. I hope you enjoy!

**Remember All or Nothing is out on May the 5th. Yes, you heard right, Cinco de Mayo! I'll be back before then though, to continue the A-Z challenge.** 

“Do you think it’s proper for me to do this…you know here? What happened to not mingling business with pleasure?” He narrowed his eyes at her, and her brows raised. “Right, you’re in charge. I locked the door and closed the windows. Nothing to see here, folks.”

He wanted to chuckle. He made her nervous, and Joaquin enjoyed the hell out of it. A rough snarl passed his lips when she sat down on his lap. Her back stiffened. “Relax. We’re going to eat some lunch, nothing else, I promise.” She relaxed against him, curling up almost as she had the other night. “Have you ever been fed before?”

“As in someone else put the food in my mouth? No, not since I was a baby, why?”

“Because, I fully intend to feed you today. I hope you’re hungry.” She stilled in his arms as he dabbed a tortilla into juices from the meat. “Open.” Quin hesitated for a second, and then her lips parted and she took a bite. Joaquin growled when a drop of the juice landed on her bottom lip. He turned her head and ran his tongue along her bottom lip and groaned. “Decadent.”

She swallowed and leaned in, pressing her lips to his. The spice of the meat hit his tongue and he deepened the kiss. Fuck, she tied him in knots and she didn’t even know it. His hand cupped her cheek, holding her in place while he feasted on her lips. Her nipples brushed across his chest and his dick grew stiff behind the zipper of his pants. What he wouldn’t give to rip her panties off, hike up her skirt, and fuck her right there, right now.

Lust pounded through his veins, leaving him light-headed and needy. He craved her more than his next breath. Her sweet whimper had his dick jumping and a drop of precum forming on his tip. He should pull back. He should stop her. But he pulled her closer until the space between them closed. She shifted, straddling his lap. Her pussy fit against his cock, and he almost came in his pants.

“Joaquin,” she whimpered.

“Yes, my preciĆ³sa?” Her hips rolled over his as she kissed him again. This time she nipped at his bottom lip before laving the sting away. “Fuck, Quin.”

“I’ve never done this before,” she murmured, cupping his face in her trembling hands. “I feel as though if I don’t continue, it’ll all be a dream, and I’ll never get to experience this with you again.” She kissed him once more and dropped her hands to his chest. His shirt buttons lost their mooring as she exposed his flesh to her touch.

Joaquin hissed and pulled her tight to his groin, grinding up into her. He should be slowing this down, but he didn’t have the willpower. He’d figured out Friday night, he would never have the ability to deny her anything. “God, leave me some control, my preciĆ³sa.”


Quin Abraham had it all. A great job, a nice apartment, and a loving Master—or so she thought. Starting over is never easy, but is flying across the ocean to Spain the right decision to make?

Joaquin de la Fuente never expected to find love the minute the sexy submissive Quin Abraham, walked through his door. On the first day on the job, she tore apart his business model and captured his heart.

After a night at the Villa, Joaquin offers her a contract—six weeks to learn once more what it means to be a sub. No strings attached. However, agreeing to the terms and following through is harder than it seems.

Can Quin overcome her fears and accept Joaquin as her Master or will she be as her ex claims, good for nothing?

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