C is for Collar A-Z Blogger Madness

In All or Nothing, Quin's collar was taken from her in front of the whole club. We've established her ex-Master was an asshole of epic proportions. So, how does a submissive who is licking her wounds, recover and contemplate being collared again?

I wasn't sure if Quin would ever wear another one. She is broken. The collar is a negative visage of her former life. But, it is also part of Joaquin's plan. When he gave her the six week contract, he did so with the hopes of healing a strong woman who had her life ripped from her.

Of course it takes more than simple words.

It takes action.

If you remove the contract and their dynamic all you are left with is two people. How do you gain someone's trust? How do you prove not all people are the same?


Quin doesn't trust Joaquin overnight. But, he does give her the power to choose. He improves her job because he sees her potential. He sees the woman she once was. He gives her the tools to heal and to try again and once she does...Quin flies.

But the question still remains, will she ever be a collared sub again?

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