B is for Blindfold A-Z Blogger Madness

B is for blindfold.

When I started working on All or Nothing, I knew in order for Quin to get over her fear, she needed to wear a blindfold. At some point she needed to trust again.

Joaquin knew this and in the very first scene between them, he places the blindfold on her. He wanted to reprogram her way of thinking, especially after Quin's admissions. Of course at the time he didn't know the full extent of the abuse inflicted on her.

Quin's experiences though few and far between, were detrimental to her. The blindfold was used as a tool against her, and for her to overcome her fear she had to face it head on. What I love about Quin is her need to prove to herself and to Joaquin that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

However, while I was writing her and these scenes, I wondered if perhaps she wouldn't fall back into her old ideals. I didn't want her to take everything Joaquin said as gospel. I wanted her to buck the system and ask questions. In their first scene he allows it, albeit he gets pissed off at some of her inquires, but he still let's her ask. Something that would have never happened with her ex.

In the end, it worked out perfectly. She grew from their first scene together. She learned so much about herself. How strong she is as a submissive. How much power she actually wields. She learns that not everyone is like her ex and that Joaquin cares about her well being.

That is the main message of All or Nothing. Learning about your strength and finding your place in the world.

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