Beautiful Nightmare by Bella Juarez

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An Interview with Natasha Rodriguez

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m the Chief Operations Officer of an architectural firm in San Antonio, Texas, Rosencrantz Architectural.  I was born in San Diego, I’m a Marine brat and grew up all over the US and attended several DOD schools.  My parents retired in San Antonio and I attended St. Mary’s University where I received my Bachelors of Business.  I attended Carnage-Mellon’s Tepper School of Business where I received my master’s degree in Business Finance 

Impressive!  But that’s all business… How about something personal?  
Well… I lived in Israel for three years.  I did a little undergraduate study time in archeology while I served my mandatory two years with the Israel Defense Force.  I’m actually boring.  I would classify myself as a homebody.    

What do you do in your spare time?

I keep myself busy with my mom and my husband. 

Tell us about your husband?  Is he romantic?  Was it love at first sight? 
(Laughs and reaches for her necklace) My husband is VERY romantic and I’m a very lucky woman.  He’s the right mix of possessive and attentive.  Frankly, I don’t know how he manages to walk such a very fine line.   And for me?  Most definitely love at first sight.  I never imagined he felt the same way until a very bad day changed both our lives.      

Oh?  Sounds interesting, what happened?    
(Clears throat) Let’s just say we learned to communicate more openly with one another.    

What do you value most?
My time alone with my husband.  I love our Friday nights and Saturdays, away from the office after we turn off all the phones and computers. 

What is the most important thing that ever happened to you? Why?
 Accepting a position at a small architectural firm was significant for many reasons. I was able to turn it from struggling to one of the most respected firms in the country.  It reconnected me to my family here in San Antonio, brought me closer to some dear friends, but mostly I met my husband  when I accepted the position. 
You’ve mentioned your husband a couple of times tell us more about your relationship. Like how you two ended up together, aside from working with him? 
 Well the details are confidential, but I can tell you that we met on a unique blind date.  Somehow we signed up for the same dating services.   As a signal he was the man I was supposed to meet, he sent me half of this (shows a broken charm on her necklace).  That had to be one of the most romantic things any man has ever done. 

I see the letters aren’t the typical alphabet, what does it say and in what language?
It’s in Hebrew and it says I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.  (Sighs and smiles) I still get warm and fuzzy when I think about that night. 

Want to find how Aaron and Natasha finally ended up their happily ever after?  

Aaron Rosencrantz’s architectural firm is thriving—thanks to his brilliant and tough-as-nails COO, Natasha Rodriguez.  But every day, they deny the powerful attraction raging between them. Corporate meetings and contracts rule their lives—not to mention a string of promises and commitments made to family. However, all bets are off when he catches a sexy glimpse of her desire for him. His hopes sore…only to be dashed by a horrible misunderstanding. So when mysterious and renowned Madame Eve sets up these two powerful personalities to come together at the Las Vegas Carnivore Club, which one will bend?

“Don’t play games with me. You’re not that good at it. If you really belong here, hand it to me.” She shook her outstretched hand.

He suddenly understood what she meant. He took out the broken half of a mitzvah he’d sent the woman he’d be meeting. On Monday, he’d had it made, broken, and sent half to the service to give to his date as a token of his sincerity. The small plate was meant to be a signal to her, signifying she’d been his intended, and a romantic gesture to demonstrate his commitment. He watched in astonishment when she dug into her jacket pocket and took out a small silver plate engraved in Hebrew with a verse from Song of Solomon. I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.

When she pieced the two halves together, her hands shook, and he couldn’t help but shiver, too. He reeled at the implications of this meeting. How could this happen? Of all the women in the world who would respond to the demands of his one-night stand, how the hell did he draw her?

“There are stipulations in our arrangement, which aren’t negotiable. Are you prepared to accept them? All of them?” he asked.

Tasha closed her hand around the delicate silver plates, slipped them into her jacket pocket then met his gaze. She stepped closer to him. He had to stop himself from taking a step away from her when her eyes narrowed. He’d seen her dangerous expression just before she went in for the kill on a deal. How many times had her tigress expression turned him on?

“You forget who you’re talking to. I’m the one you send out to do the dirty work for your company, remember? Everything is negotiable…”

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