WIP Craving Cameo

So I thought I'd give a little teaser of Craving Cameo. I'm just about half way through it, and so far, I am really digging the characters. This is from Quade's POV. ©TL Reeve 2014 Unedited 

Let me know what you think.

She tasted of heat and sweetness. She tasted of everything right in the world. Everything I didn’t deserve. Everything I coveted. I threaded my fingers through her sable hair, holding her to me so she couldn’t move. She gave over with each swipe of my tongue, softening in my arms, until she was rubbing all over me. Her sweet moans went straight to my cock, hardening it even more. When I pulled back, I tried to catch my breath, but it felt like death being parted from her. I went in for the kiss again. This time her hands came up to fist my hair and I groaned. My dick throbbed, my balls ached. I wanted in her so fucking bad, I couldn’t stand it.

“Are you really going to deny this, Cameo?” I stared at her, my chest heaving from the exertion of holding myself in place.

“I don’t want to want you, Quade. You’ll leave me. What am I supposed to do when that happens, because let’s be honest, it will?” I couldn’t stand the anguish in her voice. I put it there and truth be told I hated myself for it.
“Can’t we just be in the now, baby?”

“No,” she shook her head and for the first time ever, I saw tears in her eyes. “Because what I feel right now, I will always feel.” She pulled away from me and hunkered down in the bed, completely shutting me out.

Fuck. I hated this. A part of me wanted her, I could admit it. But, I wasn’t made for her. I wasn’t good enough for her. I stared at the back of her head unable to close my eyes and sleep. She was too close to me. The fruity scent of her bodywash mixed with the heady scent of crisp air and pine. She was my wolf, I knew it. The question was; what did I do about it? Did I take advantage of what was there for my taking or let her go? Let her go. You’re a lone wolf, not good enough for her. You’ll never be good enough. Letting go was easier said than done.