Finally I am happy to report a new book has come out through Cobblestone books! Check it out!

Gavin Parish was in a rut. Lost, confused and feeling too comfortable staying home instead of going out. When Rick, his best friend invites him out for a night on the town, he's intrigued.

What he wasn't expecting was a club called, eXposed.

Patrick, the new bartender and Dom for eXposed saw something in Gavin the minute he laid eyes on him. With the gauntlet thrown, he's willing to show his little sub for the night, just how intense and erotic giving over to a Dom can be.

Question is... will Gavin make a repeat visit?


Only a few hours ago, I’d been sitting at home watching some rerun of a second-rate show I didn’t much care for. I’d become a homebody, not really caring if I got out and did anything anymore. However, when the phone call came in, Rick piqued my curiosity. In those moments, listening to him spin a debauchery-filled evening of fun, I wanted to go. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to try something different.

But this wasn’t just different. This was a whole other stratosphere of unusual. Strobe lights bounced off of blacked-out windows, and people crammed the three bars that lined different walls of this club, which was broken down into sections. I should have known better the minute Rick showed up at my apartment dressed like Mad Max. He wore something he called a rugby half-harness and leather pants, along with a long black leather trench coat. I should have said no. I should have just closed the door and forgotten he’d even called. However, I felt compelled to follow him.

Excitement should have been pulsing through my veins standing in the middle of all this unrest, yet I felt vulnerable. Standing in the middle of the club, completely dressed, I was naked. Exposed to the manner in which these people lived and played. Patrons mingled in all states of dress. Some were unabashedly naked while others were covered in head-to-toe leather, including their heads. That can’t be comfortable.

Yet, what bothered me more was the fact that my best friend seemed unfazed by what he saw. And there was the little fact that he also appeared to fit in. How did I miss this? In the ten years I’d known him, he never divulged his predilection for depravity to me.

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