To Listen to Music or Not to Listen to Music...that is the question

I don't know about some authors, but I crave music while I write. I noticed a picture today and it was of an author writing away with earphones on. I would assume they were jamming or blocking out outside noise. Either way it got me curious. How many authors actually listen to music and write?

I know when I am working on one of my MS's I like to have my earbuds in, and spotify playing in the background. My tastes in music are vast and I'll listen to anything from Mozart to Marilyn Manson. Although, honestly, I just can't do country. I don't know why but it kills my mojo every time. *Laughs*

Anyway, I thought I would give you a few examples of what I've got currently playing while I work on my colab with Indigo Sin.

Shake That Eminem and Nate Dog

The Good Life Three Days Grace

So Happy Theory Of A Deadman

Some Nights Fun

Howl Florence And The Machine

Learn to Fly Foo Fighters

So, what are you listening too?