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#SixSentenceSunday ~ The Fallen Clockwork Angel

Good morning everyone!

Today, I thought I share a bit from The Fallen Clockwork Angel. This is book 2 of mine and Michele's Dreadful series.

As you know, Emmitt is our reanimated man, and Libby is also a creation of Dr. Levi Raycraft. In this scene, Libby has escaped. Where will she go? Who will find her?

The city had gone through a transformation in the last six months. Rumor, none of it verifiable, said someone stopped inhuman beings. Levi believed it the whole time. Mark my words, Miss White. They are true. For days afterwards, Raycraft paced the abandoned warehouse muttering to himself about his best creation getting away, and how he’d make one finer. More compliant. It wouldn’t be Emmitt though, and it stuck in his crawl too. If she had to remember when his obsession with Emmitt began, she couldn’t place her finger on a single defining episode. In the beginning, when the first spark of reanimated life filled her, Libbie never had an independent thought, never questioned why he…

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